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January 2016

Following the much appreciated introduction of Musafir to the children of the Morning Star Academy in September 2015, Musafir is collaborating once again with The Light Warriors Project to create a wonderful experience for the children of the school.

We introduced the children to painting, creative thinking, song exchange, mural design ideas,... . With the ‘babies’ (4-5 year olds) we played with paper airplanes and had them imagine throwing planes of love, respect, honesty and community. At the end of each day a large circle of the whole school gathered in the field; students were invited to share what they had learned. Some shyly expressed they learnt to paint for the first time, some danced, and one student proudly shared she ‘learnt about love and respect’.

The teachers were excited and surprised by the artistic talent of some students, and have requested that the parents order art books. They will be incorporating art and music into the school schedule!

During the ´Camp Penzi´ workshops, we noticed that the children were not very familiar with creative thought processes. In an effort to create a more long lasting impact, one of the Musafiri crew members with experience in teaching is currently working together with the children of the Morning Star Academy 3 times a week. We´re offering workshops to stimulate more innovative and creative ways of thinking and learning. More specifically, our Musafiri sister is co-teaching with the local teacher during the morning and in the afternoon she´s running a Storry Telling Laboratory in 2 different classes. In anoter class she´s introducing mindfulness as a tool to increase social and emotional awareness.