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The aim of the Musafir is to reach small coastal settlements on the east coast of Africa and to develop volunteer projects with the local communities. Both the composition of the crew and the types of projects we undertake will rotate to continuously adapt the knowledge on board to match the needs of the people we meet.

Italian Classes on the Beach

January 2016

Musafir is, amongst other things, about sharing and exchanging skills and knowledge.

During the month of August 2015, Musafiri Clio took the time to introduce the local youngsters of Fumbini village to the basics of the Italian language!


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Musafir & The Morning Star Academy - Camp Penzi

January 2016

Following the much appreciated introduction of Musafir to the children of the Morning Star Academy in September 2015, Musafir is collaborating once again with...

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Musafir & The Morning Star Academy

September 2015

Presentation of the project to the children of Morning Star Junior Academy. 
A funny morning of tales, games, dreams and colors.

A special thanks to Paolo for the best interpretation of "the little boy that wanted to explore the world", to...

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Planting trees

Giving back to mother nature

April 2015

The objective for now is to plant 500 hard wood indigenous trees. The main species chosen for now is Mbamba Kofi (Afzelia quanzensis) also known as Mahogany. We're also trying Terminalia espinosa, though it is much harder to propagate - will let you know how we go - any advice most welcome...

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A playground for the Kipini Primary School

April 2013

Built to be an open space for kids to create their stories in.

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