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  • 01 October 2014

    The sail has been sown together

    The sail for the Musafir has been sown together thanks to the help of locals from Kipini. It all came together beautifully. You can view the pictures from the process on our Facebook page!

  • 08 September 2014

    Raising the mast

    Beginning of September, the Musafir crew headed up to Kipini with boundless energy and motivation to raise the 16 meter mast, estimated between 2 and 3 tons, all by man power!

  • 20 August 2014

    Crowdfunding initiated

    We are excited to announce the crowdfunding initiative launched today to finish building the Musafir! We are almost done building the boat, and now we need your support to make this dream come true!... more

  • 16 July 2014

    Meet the crew

    Our crew is large and varied and it is getting bigger by the day. Read what makes each of us Musafirs.

  • 04 July 2014

    The story continues

    The Musafir is in the water and we are now waiting for the winds to change direction this autumn to kaskasi so that we can do our maiden voyage and sail down to Kilifi for further work. In the... more

  • 13 June 2014

    Videos of the launch

    The Musafir was launched successfully on the 18th of April. Thanks to Danny Bedrossian we have some nice video material of it. View the collection of videos on YouTube.