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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Great news coming to you all from the Musafir!

After more than 4 years of passionate, hard work, we can finally set a date!
We are proud to announce that THE MUSAFIR DHOW WILL SET SAIL BY END OF MARCH 2016!!!
However, to actually make this dream a reality, we will need your help!
We are reaching out to everyone that has ever been in touch, directly or indirectly, with our wonderful project, down here in Kilifi, Kenya, to help spread the word.
On Monday the 8th of February, we will be launching a CROWDFUNDING CAMPAIGN to help us gather the final list of items needed to get the Musafir to set sail

Each contribution, however small or great, will go towards finishing the boat and getting it ready for the adventure to come!

It would be a great pleasure to us if you could help us along our way, by spreading the message about the goal of the project and the upcoming campaign!

More info and a link to the campaign will follow soon!