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Monday, February 8, 2016

Time to raise the anchor!

The time is fast approaching for the wind to greet Musafir´s sails! By the end of March 2016 our dhow will take to the seas!

Having put in our own financial contributions over the years, along with our passion and hard labour, we have managed to get the Musafir to its current, nearly completed state. Now we need your help to give us the final push and make the dream a reality!

Become part of the journey and support our Crowdfunding Campaign!

The funds gathered by this campaign will help us gather the final list of items needed to make the Musafir seaworthy, so we can reach our first destination outside of Kenya: Mozambique!
So help us along our way!

Each contribution, however great or small, will go towards finishing the boat and getting it ready for the adventure to come.

Much love and gratitude from the Musafir family!