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February 2016

As two Russian folks Misha and Dennis joined Musafir, they brought an idea with them - to create a film festival. Its wide selection of films would be curated by Cinema Perpetum Mobile, a Belarussian independent film movement. Sawa, we said go ahead.

And so it began. For the weekend of the 20th and 21st of February, we were to raise the sail and host a 2-night-long movie event accompanied with drinks and food. And that meant a few days of preparation.

The mock set-up was done a day in advance, and Rohini emerged as the creative leader in setting the atmosphere. Above the bar bits of kanga were shimmering in the wind, next to them wooden cutting boards hand-polished by Musafiris were swinging gently into one another, appreciated by both the eye and the ear. From the top of the trees some ropes were tied to hoist the sail, which hung above the screen for projecting. As for seating, wooden canoes were brought out and laid upside down, next to various jambees - locally woven bamboo mats. All around candles in brown paper bags were scattered, paper serving to shelter the flame from the wind. It looked lovely. We congratulated each other, called the test set-up a wrap and went to sleep, slowly, with unhidden excitement for the next day to come.

And come it did.

And rock we did.

Dario and Paolo were attracting hungry people of all backgrounds to the food stall, where they were grilling beef skewers served in chappatis with veggies, and the thirst could be quenched by the bar, which was man-handled by Diego, a man bartending so naturally, he was most likely born on a bar table. We were also selling the fine-fine wooden chopping boards, polished so soft, slick and smooth, one could not resist sliding a finger on it for a solid minute or two.

Both days the film screening timeschedules were quite similar. At 19.00 o'clock the documentaries about Kenyan nature were displayed, followed by many international short films and cartoons touching various topics. As the night thickened, at around 11 PM, the experimental Belarussian short films were rolled out.

All in all it was a success. We sold all 13 chopping boards, all the chappatis, and 66 beers, another 52 were proudly drunk by team Musafir. In total we raised a profit of 40.830 Kenyan shillings. In total we raised 40.830 Kenyan shillings, which is not bad at all considering the film festival is a non-profit event.

Now we can buy some more materials, and keep on working on the boat.

Twende kazi!