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October 2014

With the mast fully raised in the first few days of September, we celebrated with a big barbecue and invited everyone who had helped us through the process! Good times had by all, we felt refreshed and ready to focus on getting the sails sewn. We also needed to buy the ropes we would need for the first voyage. It was now clear that the first sail of Musafir would be completely self-sufficient as we would not need another boat to tow us!

With the wisdom of many experienced fishermen, we got the sail hand-sewn and looking more than ready to catch some good wind!  We also finished bolting the final crossbeam in place, making some joints for the boom and also constructing a very useful balcony which extends from the rear of the boat.

A few new visitors came aboard in this time, including Musafir’s first baby! We always dreamed the Musafir would be a perfect environment for people of all kinds of people… So it was exciting to meet the youngest member of Musafir, even if he was only around for a week J

The seasonal winds were on our minds as we waited for the time to set sail… We were advised that they could change from early to middle November or later on into December.  We crossed our fingers for a November voyage!

Sowing the mast togetherSowing the mast togetherLife on the floating boat