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August 2014

Once we came to terms with the intense seasonal winds holding us back in Kipini, we did the only reasonable thing to do which is to carry on! We would put off building the deck until we reached better facilities (with electricity) in Kilifi. Our main focus in this time was to prepare wooden pulleys with aluminum wheels, buy material for the sails and raise the mast!

To source money for these tasks, we planned our first big fundraiser in the town of Kilifi. With the help of our friends at Distant Relatives Eco-Lodge and Backpackers, we were able to have a super successful event and we raised over 150,000 Kenyan shillings! This definitely boosted morale and we returned to Kipini to raise our 3 ton, 20 meter mast with happy hearts.

It would take some serious strategy to raise this mast. We first pulled the boat towards the shore and brought the mast, with the help of many hands (and a tractor), next to the boat. From then on it took a tricky organization of ropes, pulleys, chain-blocks, and man/brain power to lift this massive timber! Many of the helpers from the village who were experienced with boats had given up on such a huge job after several failed attempts, claiming that a crane would be necessary... But we kept faith during this difficult time and proved, once again, that all things are possible! Advanced technology would have undoubtedly helped, but it was seriously amazing to utilize human power (and a tractor) to achieve such a big goal!

The mast is in!