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June 2014

After the climactic happenings of launching Musafir, there was still so much to do! We had a lot of material left on the river bank that needed to go into the boat. This was accomplished slowly slowly as it was an intense mission! We had to float pieces of timber down the river towards the boat (which we had moved closer to shore) and lift/pull them up and inside with ropes.

We had been looking for a boat(s) big and powerful enough to tow Musafir to a southern coastal town called Kilifi- where we planned to finish building the deck, install an engine and get all the finishing details completed. A few boats looked up to the challenge but with the changing winds, it proved not to be the right time to go. We would stay a bit longer in good old Kipini. This was a tough realization as most of us were really ready to get moving… But ‘tis the life of those who depend on the wind.

We then got accustomed to our new little house on the riverside... It was a big change after coming from our giant playhouse! But we were always looking forward to the day when we could move onto the boat - we just needed to construct a makeshift deck and assemble pre-ordered tarps into a roof.

Some people travelled away from Kipini in this time- a few went back home and a few went to neighboring towns in Kenya. Musafir stood the test of the changing tides of the river; waiting for the first voyage!

Organizing the material inside the boatGoing in and out of the Musafir