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April 2014

The month began with a huge task; to set the date of the launching of Musafir. After years of dreaming and building, the time had finally come to get in the water! We looked up the tides, looked around at all the work we had to do, and decided to announce April 18th as the launch date.

Before the day came we had to; dismantle our banda/home of 3 years, invite everyone to come help pull the boat into the water, figure out the strategy of pulling the boat into the water, plan a huge party for the people of Kipini, finish bolting in some mafundos, buy ropes, etc.

Finally the day came around and an awesome crowd from all over the world showed up to help. It took about 100 people to move Musafir on that day. The boat was floating after two days of maneuvering out of the muddy bank of the Tana River! Celebrations took place in town including a big feast of traditional cuisine and a concert by a famed local singer. It was a huge success and we could feel a new beginning; the life on water had begun...

We then anchored the boat out in the river and got pretty good at canoeing back and forth!

All ready for launch!View from the front. Musafir in the place it was built onThe town came to witness the eventSetting up poles for the boat to slide onCarrying the anchor into the riverThe boat didn't go far enough on the first pullSo we dug a large pit right next to itA large enough pit for the boat to sink into during the next high tideAnd then we pulled...! After two days of work we got the boat floating freely in the river