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January 2014

The New Year got off to a great start with more than 15 people having paid a visit to the Musafir during this time. Nine of them were living full time in the banda, forming the crew at that time.

Now, what is it to be a part of the crew and who are the people with us on the journey? Taking part is something for each person to define what it means to him/her. There are no contracts, no fees and no recruiters recruiting anyone - imagination is the limit for everyone to decide what being part of the Musafir means for the person.

Most everyone in the crew is from a very different background than the next, though while all have different approaches to life and the issues that come with it, everyone shares one thing that ties them together: the unknown. Everyone is searching for something but for each it is something different. Someone openly will share his/her reasons while for others it is something intimate to be kept close to the heart. No matter what is though, it doesn’t matter. None of us, including you reading this will know what will happen on this adventure and that’s what every one of us is eager to find out.

Back in Kenya, the crew were very active during the month of January with two trips to the neighbouring island of Lamu, living the good life of exploration with a bit of sailing with a traditional dhow. Time was spent experiencing what it means to be travelling as a group.

The fundi continued the work on the boat where they had some problems with willpower due to the construction being such a long and demanding process, which is to be expected during a long project like this: the level of motivation goes up and down like waves in the sea. There were many small details overlooked during the previous construction phases with a bolt there, a nail here missing. A meeting was had as a way to push the final stages of the boat to completion with the Musafirs back from Lamu eager to help out and motivate the already tired fundi.