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December 2013

After several months spread across the world, old and new faces of the Musafir family came back together to Kipini, all knowing that the construction was in its final months. It is an exciting moment for the first two of the Musafirs to arrive since it has been months since they have last seen the boat.

The boat was in great shape and the feelings were very positive in the banda even though the boat was not yet ready for launch as they had first imagined. The weather was warm and the material gathering continued for the mast, paint and other necessary pieces needed for the launch. It was accepted that more time was needed before the big launch.

No too long after the first two had arrived, more people arrived. People from Germany, Lithuania, Italy and England arrived on their own time to the banda, forming a beautiful mix for the coming months. The more diverse people that join the project, the more ideas are realized and dreams explored. The vision of a family coming together is forming with the project taking a shape of something more than a boat.

The days go smoothly and time is spent efficiently. The people are introduced to the village and the scenic surroundings of Kipini. Exploration, learning and interacting with the local community form the basis of each day. The Musafir crew welcomed the new year warmly with high hopes of completing the first stage of the boat and finally being able to see it float in the water!