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August 2013

On the 10th of August, Ramadan finished with important material gathered. To celebrate Iddi, the end of the fasting, some of the Musafirs went to Lamu, a few of them having taken part in the fasting themselves. Not for religious reasons, but as a test for themselves, to make their spirit firm and to share this period of kindness, solidarity and honesty with the locals. The fundi were at this time in Lamu as well so it was important to share the moment. They are not only building the boat but are becoming a part of the family who will share this journey together.
Image a boat builder from Kenya, sailing around the world learning the different styles and shapes of boats and the techniques people use to build & maintain them. This is a huge part of what Musafir is for: giving opportunity to grow, improve and share.

After the celebration for the end of Ramadan is over, the fundi return back to Kipini to continue the work. At this time Louis, after having spent nine months looking over things was a special moment. Him and Paolo shared the last night on top of the banda in the structure known as Birds nest looking at a sky full of shooting stars, bringing together the feeling that in the beginning started the project. The goodbye was not a sad one: every adventure is a chance to gain more knowledge.

At the end of August for the first time the fundi were left by themselves to continue the construction of the Musafir. Everything had been organized beforehand to make sure the job could go on without interruption. Badi the main fundi and Paolo had long discussions on the course of the future work until some of the Musafir family were returning in December, hoping that the work could be all done by then.