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July 2013

During the month of July, only a few Musafirs were staying in Kipini. With Paolo returning to find Louis taking care of the place was an important moment as both were there in the beginning of the construction almost three years ago. The vision, the dream and the roof were still shared by both after all this time.

July also saw the beginning of Ramadan and with it the fundi left to head back to their homes. During this time when no major construction was happening, the Musafirs still in the banda took care of organizing material to make sure that once the fundis are back at work, there will be enough to go on.

The energy in the banda was positive with a lot of friends visiting to see the final stages of the construction. Many friends passing by stayed for longer, becoming part of the crew.

The banda was filled with discussion on how to equip the boat and how to build the interiors. Measurements were taken and drawings were made. The air was filled with excitement with the Musafir smelling the sea getting closer.