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April 2013

The month of April saw the banda being lit up using the power of the Sun: a solar panel was installed to give light during the evenings as well as charging small electronics. This was the first step in the process of making the Musafirs use as much sustainable energy when energy use is necessary.

Another major milestone happened when the neighbor’s banda was dismantled: the Musafirs were able to get valuable material out of it to build a playground for the children in Kipini primary school. It was envisioned and built to be an open place for the kids to enjoy and create their own stories freely in. The playground consists of four swings, two seesaws and a set of monkey bars, all made out of wood.

The toys were first constructed in the banda and then installed on the school grounds over the course of a couple of nights. The grand opening was celebrated by a ribbon cutting ceremony with school officials, parents, Musafirs and kids present. With the bustani complete, the Musafirs were full of energy to see what was awaiting next!