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March 2013

Three new Musafirs were welcomed to the banda with open arms. The family was starting to be so big that there was trouble finding space for everyone so a new loft had to be built. With the new loft finished, everyone had a place to call home.

During this period, the neighbors were hard at work to finish their dhow Al-ladin. This happened during the middle of March and the dhow was then slipped to the Tana river with the help of the whole village. This process of slipping was accomplished by first tearing down the banda around it and taking down the boat’s supporting structures. Four thick ropes were strung from the back of the boat towards the river which were then pulled by the whole village. The mission was a hard one and the rope managed to break a few times due to the immense weight of the dhow but slipping finally happened after much slipping. View a video of the event here. After the slipping, there was a traditional party in the village with music playing throughout the night and food offered to all.

At the end of the month, two of the Musafirs departed from the banda. The rest of the Musafirs wished them well on their journey, hoping to see them soon again!