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February 2013

February saw the attainment of new material for the mataruma, allowing work to continue for a while.

An important step in construction was organising a deal with a company in China to supply Musafir with a shipment of quality copper nails for securing the outer hull to the ribs. The traditional local method involves galvanized steel nails because they are produced in Kenya and are the only affordable option. The copper nails are far superior because they resist rust and therefore are longer lasting, not to mention are far more aesthetically pleasing. The crew rose to the new challenge of liaising with the Chinese and organizing for the shipment to Mombasa; a journey which would take weeks to complete

The turnover of Musafirs continued, with one Musafir departing the banda for Australia to earn funds for the project. Another two joined the family in the banda and there were more visitors in the form of German fundis, who offered invaluable wisdom on the construction and maintanance of the vessel. The Musafiris were keen to make the most their visit in the spirit of learning and sharing knowledge and ideas.

This new, optimistic energy manifested itself in the banda in the form of creative colours and decorations, making the banda reflect more fully the spirit of the project.