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December 2011

Finding the right tree from which to build the keel was a task that took several weeks. The tree had to be long, straight and in perfect health.

Once the right tree was found, 18 people were employed to load it on a tractor that was able to transport it to the boat yard with a bit of difficulty. 

The result was two perfectly straight timbers without cracks that the fundi combined to reach a length of 60 feet. Exactly what was needed!

To celebrate this event, a goat was sacrificed in the yard. This traditional ceremony - called sadaka - is needed according to the locals to avoid accidents during construction and future navigation. Better to trust them...

The ceremony in which the meat was shared, was attended by builders, neighbors and families in need.

The Musafirs were incredulous in front of the boat: it was beginning to take shape.

It was the point of no return.