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March 2014

The month began with Kalafati- a very important job done in which the spaces between boards are stuffed with oil-dipped cotton strips (an age-old tradition that prevents water from coming inside the boat). This job is always done when the boat is nearly finished, so we were happy to be one step closer to launching Musafir!

Whilst the fundi were busy with Kalifati, Aaron and Paolo got busy sanding other parts of the boat to prepare for painting. Bea joined in and shortly after, Simon and Louis arrived. By the end of March we had a highly international team working hard...As one!

To celebrate one of our birthday's, we decided to take a little walk.... A 40k walk to be exact! We made it to the neighboring town of Mpeketoni in 2 days! Besides being a celebration of life and a way to appreciate the land on which we are living, the walk proved to be a beautiful way to strengthen our bond as one group. Afterwards, we returned to Kipini feeling a bit tired in the legs, but mentally refreshed and ready to get back to work!

As for work inside the community, in this time we took up another project at Kipini Primary. In collaboration with an English teacher and a group of 10 awesome young artists, we managed to splash some color on the walls around the school! We painted some educational diagrams from the children's schoolbooks as well as a Pro-education/Anti-HIV mural.

First half of the primer appliedThe next layer after the primer is a coat of tar paintFinished! Musafir has a beautiful red coat