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We are people from different backgrounds who are tied together by one thing: the unknown. What it means to be a Musafir is unique for everyone.

Our crew is large and not everyone is listed here. Come and take part in the journey!

Mother tongue: German

I like the simple and easy live,traveling and the adventure outside the box. I'm a musafir because this project give me all this and the great oppentunety to give something good back to the world. What do i wont more?!!

Mother tongue: English

I am a Musafir because I see dreams becoming a reality and it’s time to ride that wave and rumble it onto far away shores.

Mother tongue: English

Photo journalist

Andy VC
Mother tongue: Russian
Mother tongue: Swahili

I am a member of Musafir so as we show humanity among different tribes and also expand my knowledge of boat building among different cultures.

Mother tongue: English

I'm on Musafir with intention to spread love across the seas... To extend connections with nature and people of this world, to learn + share sustainable ways of life on land and sea... To continue into the mystery without knowing and without fear... Trusting in the universe (and our GPS) for guidance. As One!

Mother tongue: Italian

I'm a Musafir because I love to be caught by the unpredictable aspects of adventure and because i believe that sharing knowledge is the best way to grow up.

Mother tongue: Italian
Mother tongue: Dutch

I´m a Musafiri because I believe life should be lived boldly, fearlessly and full of adventure. Sharing this with a community of like minded people is the most beautiful and wonderful experience anyone can have!

Mother tongue: English

I am a Musafir as i go where the winds in my heart take me. My purpose in life is to Be Love, to constantly learn more about myself and the world, to share what i love and know with others, and inspire people to do the same. The Ocean, ever giving and changing is my home... If you can dream it, you can do it! One Love.

Erin Marie
Mother tongue: German

I'm a Musafir because I think life is about learning and sharing: sharing experiences, thoughts, ideas, knowledge and of course love; staying open minded and interested.

Mother tongue: Swahili

I am a Musafiri because I am passionate about learning and exploring. I love the sea, sailing and experiencing the world and the variety of people scattered around it.

I also believe a simple, practical lifestyle is liberating and rewarding!

Mother tongue: Italian
Mother tongue: Finnish

I am a Musafir because I believe that you should always try to challenge yourself, to take yourself out of your comfort zone and to learn from it all

Mother tongue: French

I am on musafir cause i believe mankind can reach peace and harmony and i am ready to do my share to achieve it!

Mother tongue: Swahili

I am a Musafir Because I have a job for every day and i get to feed my family

Mbarak (Alba)

My mother tongue is unknow,since i dont speak properly any languages. I am a Musafir cause it is a dream and they are there to be realized. In this dream there is connection with nature, simple life and adventure, facing the unknow every day. Musafir is one example of a rewarding lifestyle that will bring me closer to my inner self.

Mother tongue: English

I am a Musafir becasue I want the dream to be a reality and I want to visit many islands in the South Pacific one day!

Mother tongue: Dutch

Though we travel the world over to find the beautiful, we must carry it with us or we find it not.

Mother tongue: French
Mother tongue: English

I am a Musafiri because life is not meant to be lived in one place

Mother tongue: Spanish
Mother tongue: Lithuanian

I am a Musafir because I want to experience the life-flow of sustainable living on a sailing boat, meeting local island communities and exploring the Indian Ocean. There is a lot to learn.